Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Must not say that people prefer slim models

Never one to keep his opinions to himself, Karl Lagerfeld has landed in hot water with a pressure group for 'rounded' women.

The Chanel creative director, 80, faces legal action from women's pressure group Belle, Ronde, Sexy et je m'assume (Beautiful, Rounded, Sexy and fine with it).

He is accused of defamation after stating that: 'Nobody wants to see curvy women on the runway.'

And he didn't stop there, blaming France's public health deficit on 'fat people' and their illnesses.

Lagerfeld appeared on the French chat show Le Grand 8 and claimed 'the hole in social security' was all down to 'diseases caught by people who are too fat'. He also made his comment about curvy women on the catwalk

The Belle, Ronde, Sexy et je m'assume group has filed a complaint with the court in Saintes, near Bordeau, as reported in the Sunday Times.



Stan B said...

Must be nice to speak for "everyone." The fashion industry has an obsession with boyish models...I wonder why that could be? Heterosexual males tend to find "curvy" women attractive, hence the popularity of breast augmentation by heterosexual females trying to be more attractive. So what is this "fashion industry" obsession with models that look like prepubescent boys?

Anonymous said...


While you may disagree with Lagerfeld, the bigger question has to be "why is he facing a legal complaint for his opinions?"

He may be an idiot. He may be terribly wrong. He may, like you say, not understand that men don't like women without curves as much as they like women with curves.

No matter how much we disagree with him, he should not face the wrath of the government for his opinions.

In addition, to show you how screwed up this is, the source article from the Daily Mail is not allowing comments because of the possibility of legal action.

That means the Daily Mail can't (or won't) even host a discussion on Lagerfeld's comments for fear of the government coming after them.

It is a world gone mad.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:27

You forget, that today only leftists are allowed to have an opinion. If your differs from theirs your a "hater" and need to be "re-educated" so you agree with them!

Anonymous said...

So what's the big deal. Have a runway event that features fat models. When the sales go down, they can use it as empirical evidence to show that fat models simply don't sell clothes as well as slim models do.

Anonymous said...

I don't know French law but I don't think it is legally possible to defame such a wide and undefined class as "curvy women" or "fat people".

Anonymous said...

" So what is this "fashion industry" obsession with models that look like prepubescent boys?"

What people don't realize is, it isn't an obsession with thin models, but that the way the clothes are designed; they look better on a thinner person. Same way that Victoria's Secret models tend to be somewhat busty, because their line looks better on a busty woman.