Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Must not use Hitler in advertisements

An Italian labor union has been slammed by Jewish groups for offering a spoof 'Hitler Prize' to people who work with animals, who have been targeted by extremists.

Feder Fauna, a union for people working commercially with animals such as breeders and farmers, named the prize because the Nazi leader created a law to protect animals while ordering human experiments.

The union has called on its members to nominate those they considered 'most worthy' of receiving the award such as those who have suffered violence from animal rights activists.

Massimiliano Filippi, general secretary of Feder Fauna, said: 'The Hitler Prize represents a condemnation of those who trample on human rights in the name of the ideology of "animal rights"!

'I find that asking to stop experiments on rats and proposing instead experiments be done on prisoners has a close affinity to Nazism.'

However despite having an anti-Nazi message, the prize has been condemned for diminishing the suffering of those who died in the holocaust and because it could be seen to show Hitler in a positive light.



Anonymous said...

"Hitler in a positive light" - ha ha.

Anonymous said...

How many centuries will Jews use the holocaust to gain sympathy, attention, and special treatment? Get over it.