Thursday, November 07, 2013

British coffee chain bans 'leering Italians': Women coffee lovers force chain to remove 'sexist' picture from dozens of branches

Coffee chain Caffe Nero is to remove a poster from its branches that shows three men leering at a woman’s behind after customers complained it was sexist.

The large illustration depicts two of the men lifting their sunglasses to peer at the backside of a lone woman as she walks by.

Bosses at Caffe Nero – Britain’s third largest coffee-house chain with 500 cafes – say the image was supposed to ‘portray Italian culture’. But they now concede it may cause offence, and say it will be removed from all stores as soon as possible.

Teacher Laura Palmer, 32, was visiting Caffe Nero in Ashford, Kent, with a group of new mothers when she spotted the print. She said: ‘I think it’s a really inappropriate image, which in my view promotes sexual discrimination and the sexualisation of women. It has undertones which are almost creepy – three guys standing by the side of the road in a pack with their eyes obviously drawn to the woman’s behind.


Women must not be seen as sexually attractive, it seems.


Anonymous said...

New mothers opposing the sexualization of women.
Though there are now other ways, the usual route to motherhood would seem to involve being sexualized by a man.

Anonymous said...

Yep, so ironic for new mothers to complain about the means they became mothers in the first place(unless of course they now regret being mothers).
But most women would only complain about "leering" when men stop leering at them (or never started).

Anonymous said...

So she survived Twin Peaks after-all and became a whiny British teacher and mother...???

Anonymous said...

"(customers) complained it was sexist"

You can bet it was some fat, smelly, ugly dyke who complained, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Well if your a leftists you don't have to worry. 99% of the leftists women I know are ugly angry hags.

Want proof? Watch CNN, MSNBC and see the women on there then turn to Fox and see the women on there!

Conservative women are waaaay hotter!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess looking good on a news network is better than talking sense!