Thursday, November 21, 2013

Edinburgh Univ. law students cause race row after 'blacking up' as Somali pirates for a night out

THE move, which saw the undergraduates dress in camouflaged trousers, yellow T-shirts, headbands and have blacked-up faces and hands has been met with outrage from University groups.

The drunken undergraduates from Edinburgh University pulled the stunt as part of the annual “beerienteering” race across the city.

Other students, including members of the veg society and Amnesty society, have condemned the “blacking up.”

And the president of the student law society, who run the event, has apologised for the conduct of the future lawyers, saying he is “mortified”.

Amie Robertson, of the university’s Tibet Society, who was at the event, said the students were dressed as pirates for bash’s “around the world” theme.

When they were confronted by other students, she said they replied that the costumes were “only for one night.”


Must not defame those Somali pirates!

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Anonymous said...

Horror of horrors, the complainers missed the poor attempt at looking like a native American in the background too.

I'm afraid the whole world is severely in need of the simple message: Lighten up, loosen up and allow humor to reenter and reinvigorate your life.