Saturday, November 30, 2013

Must not criticize fatties

Only governments can do that

An exercise-loving mother-of-three claims she was blocked from Facebook after launching a tirade against a group of plus-size women who posed in lingerie to promote body confidence.

Maria Kang, 32, from California, wrote on the site last Friday that she was 'annoyed' by 'news stories about how overweight, nearly obese women should be proud of their bodies' - referring directly to a story by MailOnline highlighting a 'selfie' photo campaign launched by Curvy Girl Lingerie.

The post, which reportedly received thousands of 'Likes' from her 230,000 followers, was deemed a 'hate speech' by Facebook Ms Kang says, and she was locked out of her account as a result.


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stinky said...

I guess this post means you're feeling better now, John. Welcome back.

As for the substance of the post, well, Prometheus argues, Zeus insists, only in this case Zeus is a fat broad.