Sunday, November 17, 2013

Britain: "Touch" is a naughty word

Or so it seems

A policeman has been barred from using a neighbourhood Facebook account after he joked that a teen suspect may enjoy being ‘touched’ by officers.

The status, posted by Pc Tom Leyden on the Irlam and Cadishead police page, was taken down after users complained that it was inappropriate.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed it had removed the post and had suspended Pc Leyden from using the neighbourhood social media accounts.

But now fans of the officer’s posts have set up their own campaign page calling for the ban to be lifted.

Pc Leyden’s offending post described how officers were called out to a street in Irlam after a 15-year-old was spotted holding a carving knife.

It goes on to describe how a boy fitting the description took exception to being stopped and searched.

It read: 'Funnily enough, the same boy is always being stopped and searched.  'I’m not a suspicious person but I think that, either the lad enjoys being touched by Police Officers, which would make him very strange, or he’s what we call in Scotland, a numpty (It is a recognised word in Scotland and my granny used to call me it, so it can’t be offensive.)'

The post has since been removed and it was replaced with an apology which reads: 'We posted over the weekend and this clearly caused some concerns.


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Anonymous said...

Hopefully John will allow me to point this out...

"Leftists can try to get you fired from your job over something that you said and that's not an attack on free speech. But if you just criticize something that they say, then that IS an attack on free speech"