Friday, November 01, 2013

Must not use Asian English

KXL executives took down their two-story tall ad at Northwest 2nd Avenue and Couch Street in Portland this week after complaints that the sign – advertising the station with the phrase “We love you long time” – was insensitive and offensive to Asian Americans. The billboard was in the city’s historic Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood.

Station marketers were playing off the 2 Live Crew hit, “Me So Horny,” decried by some as obscene back when it topped the rap charts in 1989 but now a frequent pop culture reference in movies and music.

The lyric references a scene in the 1987 Stanley Kubrick war movie “Full Metal Jacket”: It’s the language a Vietnamese prostitute uses to offer her services to two U.S. soldiers.



Anonymous said...

"Political correctness is a far greater threat to our freedom and liberty than is terrorism..." -- Spider

Anonymous said...

Sum Ting Wong

Gregory Smith said...

As someone that works in advertising.

1. I'm shocked that the billboard was approved in the first place. I've had work rejected for less.

2. I'm pissed off the billboard was pulled. If you're going to approve a controversial idea, stick to your guns. Companies today act like pussies.

3. Asians need to stop being so damn sensitive. Besides, Asians aren't PC when dealing with each other, not by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

Wi tu lo, says the most racist nations in the planet are asian. talk about non-diverse.