Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Saying "some woman" is sexist!

Re: Bloomberg and the "stop and frisk" policies of NYC police:

Now his reaction to the recent ruling by federal judge Shira Scheindlin, who found stop and frisk unconstitutional, is renewing questions of whether or not the mayor is not only racially insensitive but also insensitive when it comes to gender issues.

During an appearance on his weekly radio show, he was repeatedly condescending and dismissive of Scheindlin's ruling, qualifications and role as a jurist, referring to her as "some woman" who was unqualified to make such a ruling. "Your safety and the safety of your kids is now in the hands of some woman who does not have the expertise to do it," he said. He went on to add that she knows "absolutely zero" about policing.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, Scheindlin is actually far more qualified on the legalities of stop and frisk than the mayor. She "has a master's degree from Columbia University and a law degree from Cornell University, was a federal prosecutor in Brooklyn and general counsel to the city Department of Investigation before becoming a judge."



Anonymous said...

Basically, what His Majesty Bloomberg was saying was, that judge Scheindlin is an ultra-liberal Demoncrat, and usually allows her political philosophy to play a major part in her decisions. Of course, to the "perpetually offended", his remark was seen as "sexist", when in reality, it was nothing more than factual.

The mindless fools (ie. taxpayers) of NYC will pay a heavy price for their liberal'ness. And no, i am (not) a fan of the usually Fascist Bloomberg, but he's right this time.

TheOldMan said...

People can be very well educated but lack expertise (or common sense).

Use the Name, Luke said...

So the focus is on Bloomberg's disrespect for a woman and/or race, but not his efforts to trample the Constitution's Fourth Amendment, which is disrespectful of the entire population of his city?

Priorities, people!

Anonymous said...

Stop and frisk is done where the criminals lurk and the ACLU does not want the criminals to be harassed.