Sunday, August 25, 2013

Australian politician accused of racial slur for alluding to affirmative action

As in America, Leftists lean over backwards to give preference to blacks.  They haven't made a black lamebrain their Prime Minister yet, though.  A female lamebrain had to do

Barry O'Farrell has been called on to apologise for a perceived racial slur against the [black] Labor frontbencher Linda Burney after he declared she hadn't achieved her career success on merit.

Ms Burney, the first Aborigine elected to the NSW parliament and a former national ALP president, served as minister for community services in the former Labor government and is deputy leader of the opposition.

During a heated exchange in question time on Tuesday over whether the current community services minister, Pru Goward, had misled parliament over caseworker numbers, Ms Burney said Ms Goward had "lost the confidence of every caseworker in this state".

The Premier responded that Ms Goward "has achieved every position in her life on merit", before turning to Ms Burney and declaring: "You can't say that."

The comment was met with laughter from the government backbench.

Opposition leader John Robertson said Mr O'Farrell to apologise for the comments "which have no place in Australia".

"Ms Burney is unequalled in merit and achievement," he said in a statement. "In addition to being the first indigenous person elected to the state's Parliament and first indigenous minister, Ms Burney is the chairperson of the Australian Rugby League Indigenous Council, has spoken at the United Nations on three separate occasions and is a former President of the Australian Labor Party."

Ms Burney, the member for Canterbury, is a former school teacher who holds an honorary doctorate in education from Charles Sturt University.



Anonymous said...

Whether it's blacks, gays, or leftists in general, the endless stream of "allegations" that they are/were somehow "offended" by something or someone, is simply a way they have of weakening and intimidating a society. It's another way they have of forcing society into treating them as a "special and highly-protected" class.

And when society gives in to their intimidation by cowering at every cry of "racism", they just get stronger and more demanding. The result is that you end up with a relative handful of these cretins controlling an entire society.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, god forbid that the majority groups in society should have their self-elected special privileges challenged. Didn't that lead to the lower classes getting the vote and even women!? Or even leading to the abolition of slavery, and then such terrible liberties as homosexuality being de-criminalized! (Where's the smelling-salts!)