Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Must not tell the truth about black crime

A tea party Republican state legislator in Arizona is apologizing for a series of racially charged tweets where he accused U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder of being "soft on crime" in order to keep black people out of prison.

State Rep. Bob Thorpe (R-Flagstaff) issued the apology Thursday following tweets he made this week on a series of crime- and race-related issues, the Arizona Republic reported. In one he called a rodeo clown who wore a President Barack Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair causing recent controversy, "crowd pleasing," the Phoenix New Times reported.

Thorpe mentioned three black teens who were arrested for allegedly beating a white teen and asked, "where's liberal press, the racial outcry now?" In the Holder tweets, Thorpe wrote, "Why is Holder now soft on crime? Perhaps: blacks = 12% - 13% US population, but make up 40.1% (2.1 million) of male inmates in jail or prison?"

Thorpe was criticized by Democratic lawmakers for the tweets. When state House Minority Leader Chad Campbell (D-Phoenix), a 2014 gubernatorial candidate, called Thorpe's Holder tweet "offensive, ridiculous and exactly why the tea party needs to go," Thorpe accused Campbell of supporting more crime.



Bird of Paradise said...

If he appoligised then he is no tea party republican just a mushheaded pinhead and as pathetic as ever

Anonymous said...

6 Dead, 27 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings but we must not talk about it.

Anonymous said...

God forbid anyone speak the truth. I was a police officer for 12 years and got out about 11 years ago. Even back then local law enforcement were required to submit a report called the UCR (Unified Crime Report) to DOJ. The report included data on what kind of crime was committed, types of weapons used, relationship of the suspect to the victim, as well as demographics on both the suspect and the victim (sex, race, age, etc). From that, DOJ would put out an overwhelming volume of statistics that would make your head explode.

While I don’t recall the exact numbers, I do recall that when I would look at the reports, the results were pretty apparent. Most of the crime in the US was perpetrated by a small percentage of the population. Of that suspect population, the overwhelming number of those people are black. Interestingly enough, the vast number of their victims were black as well.

Now while I have some ideas as to why the majority of the offenders are black, I don’t know for sure. Unfortunately, I don’t think that too many other people do either. It seems that whenever anyone tries to talk about these statistics to deep dive in to the root causes, they are instantly labeled a racist and all efforts to understand “why” the numbers are the way they are gets completely abandoned.

My partner on patrol for many years is black. It was interesting to see how many times he got called an “Uncle Tom” due to his being a police officer and having to take law enforcement action (tickets, arrest, etc) against other blacks. His usual response was “oh, I’m bad for the black race? What color was the person you [robbed/ burglarized/sold drugs to/assaulted]?”

Anonymous said...

Rep. Bob Thorpe is a typical republican. Say the truth, then apologize for saying the truth. But, he's from AZ. so his weakness is apparently typical for RINO's from that state. I'll bet sen. Juan McLoser loves him.

Anonymous said...

eric holder is a Nazi that sucks up to certain people

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:10, after my 34 years with the NYPD, and (all) of it on the streets, i can tell you why blacks commit the overwhelming majority of violent crimes.

It's simply because 1) they have absolutely no fear of prison, or anything else, and 2) and this is especially true with the current administration in DC, they feel protected. And, they quite obviously are.