Friday, August 16, 2013

Must not mention that a cricketer is "Asian"

Usman Khawaja.  When Brits say "Asian", they usually mean  "from India and surrounds"

There is more to this than meets the eye.  The English cannot afford to have the ethnicity of a cricket team mentioned.  Why? Because around half of the England team are in fact white South Africans.  England supporters boast that at last they have got the upper hand over the Australians but fail to mention that the England team is not English!

Usman Khawaja has been dragged into the centre of a controversy over race after comments by a leading English cricket writer sparked a furore online.

English cricket writer Scyld Berry was condemned by some readers after referring to Khawaja's Asian heritage in a report filed after Australia's defeat in the fourth Test.

Khawaja is fighting for his place in the Australian team after a lean series with the bat.

"Usman Khawaja will be roasted for the limp defensive prod that he aimed at Graeme Swann when Australia were 147 for one. He could well be replaced in the Oval Test by Phil Hughes and Australia's experiment with their Asian immigrant population will be shelved,” Berry wrote in London's Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Berry's comment was branded as “totally disgusting”, “idiotic” and “disgraceful” by some readers. The line referring to the Asian immigrant population was removed from the Telegraph's website.

Berry has since defended his stance and said he did not mean to “disparage” Khawaja. The piece also told readers his wife of nearly 30 years is an Asian immigrant from India.

“If I may explain, however, it is an observation I made without any intent to disparage Khawaja, but as an attempt to portray the unique position in which he finds himself as the first Muslim to represent Australia – and, broadly speaking, the first non-white since Sam Morris in the 19th century,” he wrote.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, I suppose the Australian team are all Aboriginals! (?)

Anonymous said...

More clear evidence that Britain is being strangled by their rabid addiction to political correctness. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

2:27 AM is one the pavlov dogs on this site where the mere mention of Britain or England will salivate rabid anglophobia (rabid being his/her own term).