Friday, August 30, 2013

Hate Speech Out of the Mouth of a Child

The hateful incitement offered by Elias Hazineh, the former president of Palestine House in suburban Toronto, at an Al Quds rally in Toronto has attracted a lot of attention, as well it should. The man openly called for the murder of Israelis in the public square of Toronto.

At the same rally, a young boy who could not have been much older than 11 or 12 years old described the Jewish state as the enemy of humanity. No, that is not an exaggeration. He said it: "Israel is an illegal, terrorizing racist group which works for the destruction of humanity and peace in the world." During his rant, he referred to Israel as "cancers." This is incitement to the destruction of the Jewish state.

And the crowd cheered him on.

A blogger who goes by the name Blazing Catfur caught it on video and posted it on Youtube. (Click on the video above.) This kid has been taught to hate and encouraged to preach hate.

Do not watch the video after dark. It is that frightening.



Anonymous said...

It truly is frightening the double standard so many people have when it comes to the Jews.

Anonymous said...

Well, since Jews are so famous, or is that infamous, for advocating for (total) freedom for all minorities, this shouldn't bother them at all.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of every jew and the muslims would STILL be murdering people tomorrow.

Get rid of every arab/muslim and you would have peace today!

Anonymous said...

Not so my friend.

Judaism requires that all gentiles accept Noachide Law, or be denied a 'place in the world to come'. The really evil ones who deny the divinity of the 'jews', should be killed, the rabbis say.

Little difference in the fanaticism really is there ?

Universal laws exist as an allegory of the Natural physical laws to which ALL of us comply..

Judaism in particular is a negation of Law and universality. It ascribes special status to 'jews'.

Anonymous said...

Don't most religions ascribe special status to themselves as chosen people in the "eyes" of their gods, especially the Abrahamic religions (ie. those derived from the Jews/Hebrews, being mainly Christians and Muslims, and the myriad sects and denominations, all feeling superior to other sects and denominations, such as they even fight and murder each other).

Anonymous said...

once again we see the intolerant hate spewed by the ignorant pedophillic Muslims