Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Must not call the sainted Trayvon a thug

The sainted Trayvon at age 17

A Volusia County Beach Safety officer accused of sending insensitive racial messages at the end of last month’s Trayvon Martin trial was fired Friday for unprofessional conduct — or what county officials called “horrible judgment made worse during a racially charged atmosphere.”

Todd Snipes, 45, a Volusia lifeguard for 24 years and a law enforcement officer for 15, “engaged in behavior that threatens the respect and trust of the community and jeopardizes the perception that the department enforces the law fairly, even-handedly and without bias,” Department of Public Protection Director George Recktenwald wrote in Snipes’ notice of dismissal.

Snipes’ messages included a Facebook post the night after George Zimmerman’s acquittal that read: “Another thug gone. Pull up your pants and be respectful. Bye bye thug r.i.p.”

He was also involved in an exchange of a series of racially tinged picture messages that included a cartoon of Trayvon Martin, holding a bag of Skittles. The words across the cartoon were: “Those Skittles were to die for.”



Bird of Paradise said...

Trayvon is no saint he was a CAREER CRINIMAL and becoming the martyr for the leftists scumworms and other lower lifeforms

Anonymous said...

You can take niggas out of the hood, but you will never take the hood out of the niggas.

The (only) "crime" Zimmerman committed was refusing to be yet another passive White victim.

Anonymous said...

If we follow the example of the brothers in South Africa, Trayvon died of a heart attack. Natural causes as it were. Here is an account of what is on the gov’t. death certificate of a white farmer who was shot in the heart in front of his family.
Mr. Locke was shot in the heart on the Elands game farm near Cullinan, northeast of Pretoria, in front of his daughter, Monique (13) and son Dawie (23), a paraplegic. According to Mrs. Locke, the government officials told her that the bullet hitting her husband’s heart had caused a heart attack, therefore the cause was “natural”.