Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Danish Muslim leader who fuelled uproar about Prophet Muhammad cartoons now says he was WRONG and paper was RIGHT to print images

He was one of the most vocal critics of Danish newspaper caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that sparked violent fury throughout the Muslim world.

But seven years on Muslim leader Ahmad Akkari has had an unexpected change of heart, declaring his decision to travel to Lebanon, Egypt and Syria to garner support for the ensuing protest was 'totally wrong'.

Lebanon-born Akkari, now 35, was the spokesman for a group of imams who led the outcry against the satirical drawings, and their tour helped to turn the dispute into an international crisis.

He now says the Jyllands-Posten newspaper had the right to print the cartoons.

Dozens were killed in weeks of protests over the drawings that included violent attacks against Danish missions in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

Tiny Denmark found itself on a collision course with the Muslim world — something Akkari now regrets.  'I want to be clear today about the trip: It was totally wrong,' Akkari told The Associated Press this week.

'At that time, I was so fascinated with this logical force in the Islamic mindset that I could not see the greater picture. I was convinced it was a fight for my faith, Islam.'

He said he's still a practicing Muslim but started doubting his fundamentalist beliefs after a 2007 trip to Lebanon, where he met Islamist leaders.  'I was shocked. I realized what an oppressive mentality they have,' Akkari said.



Anonymous said...

lamestream news will certainly ignore this.

Anonymous said...

He admits he's wrong? Well, that certainly makes him a "good" Muslim, but we should behead him just for good measure.

Anonymous said...

Taqiyya ― Islamic Principle of Lying for the Sake of Allah
That is all.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Danish government send him a bill for all the damage he and his muslim friends caused now that he's finally admitted liability.