Wednesday, August 07, 2013

British treasurer accused of 'patronising' stay-at-home mothers

Calling traditional mothering a "lifestyle choice" does seem pretty derogatory.  It is in fact a calling that many women wish they could respond to.  The British government, however, wants all mothers working so it can tax them.  Somebody has got to pay for all those useless bureaucrats!

George Osborne has been accused of "patronising" stay-at-home mothers after saying that they have made a "lifestyle choice" and should not receive childcare vouchers.

The Chancellor today unveiled a scheme to encourage women back into the workplace by handing up to £1,200 of taxpayer-funded childcare for each child to families where both parents have a job.

He said that he had "huge respect" for stay-at-home mothers and said that the government will "help" their families by introducing tax breaks for married couples.

However Laura Perrins, a stay-at-home mother who took on the Deputy Prime Minister during a radio phone earlier this year, said that the reported £120 tax breaks were "pathetic" compared to the value of childcare vouchers.

She said: "Saying stay-at-home mothers have made a lifestyle choice is pejorative and patronising. They are contributing to the economy, to society, to everything. Staying at home is not a luxury, it's not a hobby. Women who chose to stay at home make huge sacrifices.

"The married tax allowance is something we have been calling for but their version is pretty pathetic when compared to the childcare vouchers. We pay disproportionately more tax. They [the government] are socially engineering it, they think that stay at home mothers are not conforming to what they want."



Anonymous said...

This is simply Britain's way of rushing off into oblivion. Good riddance.

Brian from Rochester NY said...

Anonymous 2:09,

Way to stay on target and respond to the meat of the matter.

Enough of the Brit/Bashing already!

In case you haven't noticed, we're getting much the same type of rhetoric over here in the states.

Bottom Line: A woman's place is where she wants to be: Career, Motherhood, a combination of both.

I only hope that Laura Perrins can get enough exposure to put this Chancellor, and his 'pathetic' offer on the spot so that more people can see how these representatives really feel about families, as opposed to their own wallets or special interests.

Anonymous said...

Britain, a sign of things to come unfortunately for the United States if people like Owebama get their way.

Anonymous said...

What is the unemployment rate in Great Britain? Do they really need stay at home moms to join the workforce? This is the same nonsense spouted by feminists here in the US. I think the reason for this is that they don't want to feel bad about their own choices so they convince the majority of women to do the same because this is how the "emancipated woman" lives. Nevermind what they have to sacrifice to get it. Misery loves company.

Anonymous said...

A woman's place is bringing me a beer!

Anonymous said...

Only now are the women in America starting to realize what a politically-motivated scam the whole feminist movement really was. It was all a lie.

Anonymous said...

Brian from Rochester said;
"Enough of the Brit/Bashing already!"

There's no need to bash the Brits, as they do a very good job of it on their own.

Anonymous said...

It is no secret, nor is it news, for government to use its tax and spend powers to achieve desired social outcomes.
Most western governments have structured their powers to ensure that women have little choice but to return to the workforce asap after having children.

Anonymous said...

3:12 It is well known that "bashing" other countries is to deflect attention from the defects in one's own. Wasn't there something in the Bible about removing motes and beams in eyes?