Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tweet from British diplomat enrages Argentina

Britain’s ambassador to Chile has been threatened  with violence by furious Argentines over a joke he made about their football team and the Falklands conflict.

Jon Benjamin made the faux pas on Twitter to his 10,000 followers when he tried to send a private  message to a friend.

It referred to a lewd terrace song often sung by Chilean football fans in rhyming Spanish when they play teams from the neighbouring country: ‘Argentines, gays, they took the Falklands off you because you are cowards.’

In a reference to the offensive song, Mr Benjamin, 49, boasted that he was attending a game: ‘Which islands did they take off who and for being what? Perhaps I’ll discover the answer at the national stadium. I’ve already got my ticket.’

The message upset Argentine fans, who took to Twitter to threaten the diplomat, who is in his first posting as ambassador. One threatened to beat him up if he ever met him while another called him a ‘clown’.


I can't say I sympathize in any way with Argentines.  The invasion of the Falkland Islands was very popular in Argentina but if you were a Falkland Islander, would YOU want to be governed by Argentines?  Ever since Peron (a Fascist) Argentina has been an economic basket case.  And their present economic policies are just as stupid and destructive as ever.  And most of them still think that Peron was a great guy.


Bird of Paradise said...

"while another called him a ‘clown’"

That there is fightin' WORDS

Go Away Bird said...

Argintina needs to GET A LIFE

Anonymous said...

Argentina (big in land size as it is) is only after the tiny Falkland Islands (where no Argentinians live) just for the offshore oil that may be exploited.
The only colonialism is on Argentina's part, and even less to do with democracy (in which case the long-established islanders should decide, and they have to a man/woman decided to remain under UK protection - and wisely so!).

Go Away Bird said...

Those gauchos need to get over it their made of tougher stuff