Friday, October 26, 2012

Secret Service investigate after man hangs Obama effigy from a noose on his front lawn

Secret service intervening in a political issue?

Residents of a quiet southern California neighbourhood were shocked by a neighbour's decision to hang an effigy of President Obama in his front garden and even more astonished when the Secret Service came calling at his house a day later.

Agents arrived at the home of Eddie Million on Tuesday night after police received a complaint on Monday, and questioned the Moreno Valley man as to why he chose to hang a replica of the president from a tree.

Mr Million's tasteless Halloween decor has offended many as the image of Mr Obama - and in a wider context, an African American man - hanging from a noose, raised questions about the homeowner's motives and views on race.

An embarrassed Mr Million told The Press-Enterprise that the prank had not intended in any way to suggest he wished the president dead.

'This is just a misunderstanding. This is getting all blown out of proportion. It's down. It's gone. We didn't want to hurt the president,'  said the flooring company owner.  'It was just for a party.'

'A noose is scary. It’s Halloween. We have zombies in the back - figures, ghosts, zombies,' he explained of his choice to attach the Obama mask to a body and hang it.


If the guy had put a Romney mask on the effigy, he would have been congratulated for his great sense of humor


Anonymous said...

I always find it interesting how black racists, and their guilt-ridden, self-loathing, liberal White enablers, completely ignore all the White people in history who were hanged. Apparently, Whites don't count?

"Beware of those why cry racism, for they are the true racists..."

Bird of Paradise said...

Just wait for JESSIE JACKSON,AL SHARPTON,CALYPSO LOUIE,the NAACP,RAINBOW/PUSH,NBPP,NATION of ISLAM to get wind of this theyll demand the mans head

Anonymous said...

"One of President Obama's winning points last night was about how sanctions against Iran are crippling their economy... and believe me if anyone knows how to cripple an economy it's President Obama!.." –- Jay Leno

Go Away Bird said...

Obama isnt a president he is a dictator

Anonymous said...

Travons are offended at everything

Anonymous said...

Bird evidently doesn't know what 'dictator' means!

Anonymous said...

I went into our local Walgreens Drug store, walked down the Halloween aisle, and amongst all the rubber full-face masks were several depicting Mitt Romney. But there were no Obama (peace be upon him) masks. My guess is one of two reasons:

1. The mask company and/or Walgreens is Liberal-leaning, and would never put Obama's (peace be upon him) face on a mask.

2. No one in his right mind would choose to dress up as a black man.

(And no, it wasn't because they were sold out, it was the first day of stocking the aisle.

Anonymous said...

The secret service needs to be purged of all of odamnas ss animals. I imagine lots of them need to go to jail or put in gitmo along with barry.

Kee Bird said...

If it was a effegee of Romney they would bat a eyelash or lift a finger