Tuesday, October 30, 2012

German confusion over free speech

Unlike the United States, free speech is limited in Europe with numerous statutes that ban hate speech, blasphemy, Holocaust denial and even phrases deemed insults to bureaucrats and police officers.

When Germany's far right political party, Pro Deutschland, announced it planned to screen the video The Innocence of Muslims politicians responded by trying to tighten 140-year-old blasphemy laws. After all, Germany has an estimated 4 million Muslims and its embassy in Sudan was set on fire last month by men egged on by Islamist leaders.

But German Interior Minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich opposed the measures, saying that German law also protects "freedom of expression and artistic freedom."

German courts recently upheld free speech rights when politicians have tried to stop the airing of provocative material. In May, a small right wing party, Pro-NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia), held up anti-Islamic caricatures in front of mosques – some depicting Muslims as terrorists. Some Muslims in Bonn responded with violent protests.

Ralf Jaeger, interior minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, banned the cartoons. But the Federal Constitutional Court overruled him, saying the caricatures alone did not represent a grave enough threat to public order and security to limit free speech. Still, the court could have ruled otherwise.



Bird of Paradise said...

The soviet union isnt as dead as we were led to beleive

Anonymous said...

So, they have "free speech", but only if it's not offensive to "someone or something"? Old Adolf did a much better job. And he most certainly would have known what to do with those 4 million Muslims.

Anonymous said...

2:46 - except 'Old Adolf' used Muslims in Turkey and elsewhere as allies against the Jews, and the Muslims were happy to oblige.

Anonymous said...

Large scale immigration into Europe is Zionist in origin, as is the "Innocence of Muslims" video.

Part of the Zionist imperative is to 'diasporise' gentile nations so as to eliminate their ability to govern as identifiably different people.

The other part is to create the state of Greater Israel as the center of a global theocracy from which the "Noachides" are governed out of jerusalem.

The muslims were invited into europe by zionist anarchists and 'commies' for the above purpose and also to create the 'hatred' necessary for whitey goy to go to war against the countries surrounding 'israel'..

The above statements make JR very nervous and uncomfortable, because much of it is verifiable in jewish religious texts and thus true assertions from that perspective. He will want to censor and delete this post and likely will, because in standing for israel, he stands against his own, if he is not 'jewish'.

Many goyim and some jews, 'mosers' ? affirm that the number 6 million is derived of Cabala and the import of the number 6 in those documents. Many jews will deny this and seek to incarcerate those who affirm the origins of the 'holocaust' numerology.

Britain and the United States are as 'occupied' as Germany.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the German courts are getting it right. The provacative protest by the right wing groups are very instructive because it demonstrates the muslims violent tendencies perfectly. Even if you disagree with the right wing groups, the fact that the muslims are shown for the terrorists they are is worth it.

Anonymous said...

... held up anti-Islamic caricatures in front of mosques – some depicting Muslims as terrorists. Some Muslims in Bonn responded with violent protests.

Thank you muslims for making our point for us!

Anonymous said...

A Muslim is bound by the Koran to consider a non-believer of Islam as "infidel' and is thus required to kill the infidel.

Islam is not a religion of love.

Islam is not a religion of compassion.

Islam is not a religion of tolerance.

Islam is a religion of forced compliance at the expense of personal liberty and freedom.

If you value your life, your liberty, and your freedom, stand against Islam, and oppose any and all attempts to legalize Sharia Law.

Go Away Bird said...


Anonymous said...

5:52 AM
Have you had your medications checked recently? Your paranoid delusions are getting seriously out of hand. Perhaps you should consider a nice stay in a sanitarium where you would be safe from your imaginary persecutors?

Anonymous said...

The difference is that "Zionists" are truly willing to play nicely with Christians and other non-Zionist groups. Muslims, on the other hand, view Zionists as Satan incarnate, and will do whatever they can to eliminate them. And they hold a similar view about the infidel non-Muslim.

Anonymous said...


Note the preponderance of so called qualified psychoanalysts involved in this Noachide imperative administered by Rabbi Shimon Cowen.

Although my Brother is qualified in these studies, I do view psychoanalysis as a pseudo science that has taken on the role of a secular priest hood or rabbinate. Psychology is the degree done when the hard science are precisely that.

Is the DSM an addendum to the Talmud ? The subtle implication is that the 'qualified' is ordained by god to declare the sanity of others. The province of psychoanalyis is significantly over populated by jews, again the implication is that the practitioner is irrefutably 'sane'.

The practioner hold the DSM and their 'qualifications' aloft as proof irrefutable of the ability to judge others.

Judaism is demonstrably practiced on the heads of others and seeks to profit as the conduit to god as much as a bank charges interest for access to invented money via usury.

I reject the divinity of the jews and their noachide Shite for the crock it is. The talmud and rabbinate in its moral poverty says such sentiment is to be rewarded with the death penalty for that 'crime'.

The rise of psychoanalysis is largely for the purpose of Soviet style pSycH0-politics and, as you do prove Fool, the delegitimization of others' interpreatations of what constitutes the 'truth'.