Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Anything that looks like a gun must not be seen at a Canadian university

Public ridicule forced a backdown, however

The St. Mary’s University Student Association (SMUSA) in Halifax, Nova Scotia has changed its position on a campus-wide ban on the old Nintendo Zapper toy gun used in the classic game “Duck Hunt,”

The controversy first began when the SMUDent Gaming Society released a promotional poster that displayed the Nintendo Zapper.  The poster was determined to be unacceptable by the St. Mary’s Student Association because it showed a “gun” — even if it referring to an orange toy gun with a long cord coming out of it.

However, after being pelted with criticism, the organization has decided to back down and allow the organization’s planned activities to proceed.

Now SMUSA is saying the poster ban was just a misunderstanding.   This was after they cancelled an interview with Sun News to talk about the issue.

As a result of the “misunderstanding,“ the SMUDent Gaming Society was forced to scrap their plans to host a ”Duck Hunt” party on campus because the plastic toy guns with cords coming out of them were not allowed on school property.

News of the zapper ban at student functions has provoked a flood of responses from Sun News Network Viewers and Sun paper readers.  About half an hour after giving the interview to Sun, SMUSA reversed direction, saying that Duck Hunt, complete with zappers, would be allowed at the Friday pub function after all.



Anonymous said...

"Political correctness is a far greater threat to our freedom and liberty than is terrorism..."

Bird of Paradise said...

Im glad i dont live in canaduuhhh

Anonymous said...

Attention liberals, are you tired of political correctness yet?

The rest of us (AKA normal people) sure as hell are!

Go Away Bird said...

PC is a form of stupidity

Libby Ryell said...

"Attention liberals, are you tired of political correctness yet?"

Fuck yeah!

stinky said...

Canadian U's, like most others, are a hotbed of arrested development and its attendant P.C. reflexes.

On a more substantive note, we ditched our national gun registry. I'll take the we-get-the-substance, you-get-the-pose tradeoff any day.

And as a final thought, is it really a bad thing that the airheads, as exemplified in this story, choose to voluntarily disarm themselves? Yeah, they can be annoying about it, but hey, they're annoying anyway, and at least now they're not armed at the same time.

Kee Bird said...

Liberals all need to move to canada they would love it up there

Anonymous said...

@Kee, they did in the 60's, then they realized how fucking cold it is, so they pussied out and moved back.

Anonymous said...

What worthless sackless little wieners to be afraid or disturbed by not only a fake gun, but a video game controller. These are the holders and masters of the bastions of wisdom? University academic administrators and professors are so pathetic that it is nauseating.