Saturday, October 20, 2012

Only Republicans make "gaffes"

So what happened after the Big Bird comment? The Web filled with Big Bird spoofs, and the folks at "Saturday Night Live" (yes, I watch and laugh regardless of who might be the target) brought Big Bird himself onto the program. To SNL's credit, they also captured Vice President Biden's outrageous reactions in the VP debate perfectly.

But the media that reports on this stuff are neither as humorous nor as evenhanded. They proved that the day after the debate, when major news sites began making a huge issue out of Romney's description of how he sought to put more women into government after he was elected as governor in Massachusetts. He said that when he requested help in finding more qualified women, groups brought "whole binders" full of women ... oh, how horrible. Suddenly, the media had their next gaffe, and within hours Big Bird was pictured on the Web holding -- oh, yes -- a binder that said "women" on front of it.

Editorials popped up saying Romney had destroyed the advantage he was gaining among female voters. One news service listed the campaign's major "oops" moments as: Clint Eastwood's speech at the GOP convention, Romney's Big Bird reference and Romney's "binder" comment. Wow, all Republican/Romney gaffes -- none by Obama or the Democrats.

Let's be honest. Romney became Gov. Romney when binders were still being used to hold generated lists and other documents. And he filled his administration with bright and capable individuals, both male and female. Those who know his staff then and inner circle now are well aware of this fact.

But suddenly his two "debate" gaffes are merged into an alleged war on children and Big Bird, as well as an attack on women in the workplace. And this is how real media bias works -- not in your face, but building on one little comment linked to the next one.



Bird of Paradise said...

Yeah look at the feeding freinzie that happened after Dan Quayle mispelled POTATO and DICK CHANEYS hunting accedent Thats we i dont trust these rotten no good liberal leftists journalists

Anonymous said...

American politics has just become entertainment. The Chinese and others certainly find the demise of the USA quite amusing!

Anonymous said...

Someday, the American sheeple will realize that one of their, and America's, biggest enemies is, the MSM. They may also realize that simply getting the days news from the media, (that is their job, right?) is a fucntion that stopped a long time ago.

If that day ever comes, (very doubtful) the people may also want to ask, "should the unlimited Constitutional protections afforded the press stop when they cross the line and become "active" political operatives..."?

Of course, doing the above would require the people stop being weak, gullible, and brain-dead. That, i fear, is a day will will not see.

Anonymous said...

Look up Eva Longoria's obscene tweet about Romney to 4+ million of her fans that's being ignored by all the news networks but one. It's one of the most vulgar words you can use to describe a woman. She's co-chair of Obama's campaign.

Anonymous said...

If women were able to stop talking long enough to think, they would see that the Left uses them, and gays, and blacks, and children, as political props.

Unfortunately, all you need do is tell women something, anything, that makes them "feel" good, and you've got their vote. And Obama is living proof.

Go Away Bird said...


Anonymous said...

The misogyny displayed by the likes of 3:51 shows that so-called heterosexuals really only want a hole to ejac into, so would probably be just as happy with a gay's (a hole is a hole is a hole!)

Anonymous said...

When you are convinced that the Republican Party is running a 'war on women' then everything they do or say is interpreted as being anti-women.
Its called confirmation bias.