Monday, February 14, 2011

Chris Brand

From reading what some people say in the Comments here, it occurs to me that they might enjoy the weekly bulletin from Britain by Chris Brand. He is just about as politically incorrect as you get. I don't agree with everything that he says but I think it should be said if we are to cover all the possibilities.


Anonymous said...

I've had him on my favs list for ages. He may be a nut ball, particularly concerning paedophilia (which he doesn't condemn), but he is possibly the last British person totally unaffected by political correctness. For that reason alone he deserves respect.

I would like to be the same, but I often find myself pulling my punches in debates. To say what you really believe today guarantees verbal abuse, ostricization, and the closing down of dialogue.

We are also seeing more and more police involvement against anyone committing speech crimes.

The future does not look to bright for freedom.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what he said about "paedophilia", but I have noticed the term is used pretty loosely, as is the term "children" to have greater rhetorical effect; and although it should only be applied to at least those who are pre-pubescent, it has been used for anyone below the age of legal majority, which can be 18 or even up to 21; while sexual abuse can apply to anything from inappropriate touching to actual torture and even murder.

Anonymous said...

It's like "sexual assault" which can be anything from "inappropriate touching" to violent rape with murderous beating.