Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Personal Attack

Well: It had to happen. I personally have been attacked over something I wrote. It was not about something I wrote on this blog, however. It was a reference to the second post down here -- in which I gently suggested that it was a dubious idea for a mentally ill person to become a "counsellor". I commented: "The blind leading the blind?". Below is the email I have now received (complete with semi-literate grammar):

"I quote your comment "the blind leading the blind"- I would like to challenge that comment. As it is discrimination, slander and completely disrespectful. What are you trying to say here? Just because Nellie has struggled with a mental illness that makes her incapable of helping others. I find that disappointing coming from a doctor it is our job as health professionals to help to minimize stigma. I work with Nellie at the Community Mental health centre and she is exceptionly good at her job! I can't believe that you teached and studied psychology. I assume you teached your students RESPECT, unconditional positive regard and not being JUDGEMENTAL. I request that you make adjustments to your story and post a personal apology or i will be taking this further and making your JUDGEMENTAL approach public.

Free speech is forever under attack, I am afraid. I do not of course intend to make any changes to my post.

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