Thursday, October 26, 2006

Faked "Hate Speech" Incident?

There were "hate speech" incidents recently at the nominally Jesuit Boston College. Posters about the white race were plastered up in a couple of places by someone unknown and untraceable:

"But yet another occurence of "hateful speech" comes in the wake of the incident. Fliers were found on the main door of the CLFX lobby and connector lounge, Medeiros Hall, and Shaw House around midnight last night which read: "Join the White Alliance - 'Forge a Superior World.'" The fliers advertised a meeting tomorrow in Devlin Hall "to debate the merit of Martin Luther King, Jr., Day."


It sounded to me like another example of "racist" fakery from the Left themselves so I made no comment on it at the time.

I note now however that the political activists on the campus are having an absolute orgasm of self-righteousness over it all so I am getting an ever stronger impression that it was the Left themselves who organized the "racist" stunt in a very successful attempt to push themselves into the limelight -- the limelight being their Holy Grail, of course.

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