Wednesday, October 18, 2006

EU Tries to Censor Bloggers

We read:

"The [British] Government is seeking to prevent an EU directive that could extend broadcasting regulations to the internet, hitting popular video-sharing websites such as YouTube.

The European Commission proposal would require websites and mobile phone services that feature video images to conform to standards laid down in Brussels.

Ministers fear that the directive would hit not only successful sites such as YouTube but also amateur "video bloggers" who post material on their own sites. Personal websites would have to be licensed as a "television-like service".

Viviane Reding, the Media Commissioner, argues that the purpose is simply to set minimum standards on areas such as advertising, hate speech and the protection of children.


In classic Orwellian Newspeak, the draft rules are known as the "Television Without Frontiers" directive. Calling a thing by its opposite is an old Leftist scam going back at least as far as Hegel -- who described the totally unfree, ant-like existence he had planned for us all as "freedom".

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