Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lawyers Attempt to Pull Minuteman Ads off the Air

We read:

"Lawyers supporting Liberal Congressional candidate Gabrielle Giffords, stung by Minuteman PAC ads exposing her left-wing record on border security issues, are now attempting to have the ads taken off the air, according to documents the PAC received yesterday afternoon.

Cox Cable representatives forwarded a letter they received from Phoenix lawyer Rhonda Barnes complaining about the commercials attacking Giffords' liberal record and urging them to remove the ads from the airwaves.

"The truth hurts," said Minuteman PAC spokesman Rick Shaftan. "Every word in our ads is true and Giffords knows it."


The site linked above goes into detail to show that it is truth which is being objected to. The TV channels could still cave in, however.

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