Sunday, October 15, 2006

The "Islamophobia" Card

It's getting to be quite a card game. We read:

"The Islamic activist group CAIR and local Democratic Party officials have been blasting former GOP state chairman Shawn Steel for an email he sent criticizing Belal "Bill" Dalati, a candidate for the Anaheim City Council race. Steel criticized Dalati's "extremist" views. Steel said Dalati supported a far-left rally titled "Rally Against U.S.-Israeli Terror in Palestine and Lebanon," that his Arab American Broadcasting Co. sponsored an event in 2000 that included a "prayer for the martyrs," and that Dalati stood up for controversial Islamic marriage contracts in the United States that would deny women alimony in a divorce.

I talked about this issue on KPCC and a Democratic Party official called in and portrayed Steel's comments as pure bigotry. But Steel did not criticize Dalati for being a Muslim, but for specific events he supported and stances that he has taken.


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