Friday, September 19, 2008

Google's pro-abortion bias defeated

We read:
"Christian and other religious groups opposed to abortion were allowed to advertise on Google for the first time from today, after the search engine capitulated in the face of a legal challenge. Google had banned pro-life religious groups from buying adverts against search terms such as "abortion" and "abortion help" but was forced to abandon its policy after it was accused of breaching equalities legislation.

The challenge was brought by the Christian Institute, a cross-denominational pressure group, who said that Google's change of heart was an acknowledgement of the rights of everybody to hold an opinion on the subject. Mike Judge from the Christian Institute said: "Google were taking adverts from pro-abortion groups, and our view is that was a free speech issue. What we want to do is set out the acts in a pretty factual and pretty sensible way".

Google had been taken to court by the Christian Institute earlier in the year, arguing that its policy was in breach of the Equalities Act of 2006. Initially, Google said it would fight in the courts, but changed its mind over the summer. Its new policy applies globally. Acknowledging that the issue of abortion was "an emotive subject", Google said that it reconsidered its policy following the Christian Institute's challenge, and said it would be "creating a level playing field and enabling religious associations to place ads on abortion in a factual way".



Anonymous said...

Just exactly 'WHO' is running google and making these decisions?

Anonymous said...

the names of the board of directors are open knowledge.
Their close ties to extreme leftist organisations somewhat less so, but are hardly secret.
Neither are their attempts at invasion of privacy and identity theft at a massive scale, far greater than any government agency would ever be allowed to engage in.

Anonymous said...

I think Google runs google.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the fact that Al Gore is a "major" share-holder in google might have something to do with their always pro-Left policies?

annon2, you make a great point. Google collects more personal info in one day than the govt. does in a year! Where are all those fools who are always whining about "big brother" having their cell phone number and thereby invading their privacy? Pro-left companies like google can do what they do because people are stupid and gullible!

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama uses Google to combat vicious rumors


Friday, September 19th 2008, 9:38 AM

Barack Obama is waging an quiet battle in the Googlesphere to combat damaging rumors, as well as his opponent, John McCain.

Specifically, Obama's campaign has waded into online auctions for Google search terms to snap up not only obvious phrases like "Barack Obama" but also potentially negative ones like "Barack Obama birth certificate" or "Barack Obama as a Muslim," according to Hitwise, an Internet audience monitoring firm.

This means that, as of Wednesday morning, Google searches for Obama being a Muslim (a false but pervasive Web rumor) often turn up a prominent "sponsored" link at the top of the results page that connects to a page on Obama's campaign website that debunks the myth and details his Christian faith. Searches for Obama's birth certificate produce a link to a page showing the official document.