Saturday, September 24, 2005

Update on the Australian Racial Censorship Case

I wrote about this previously on Sept 15th. and 21st. See here and here. Readers might remember that publication of an academic journal article by a law professor (Andrew Fraser) was censored because it was "racist". Subsequently, Chris Brand has exposed what would seem to be the absolutely phony legal grounds for the ban. And the Head of the Law School where Prof. Fraser works has written a scathing condemnation of the ban on publication.

Prof. Fraser has two main contentions, one of which is that the influx of refugees from Africa that Australia is presently allowing into the country is asking for trouble. To anybody who knows anything about the black crime rate in both the USA and U.K. that is mere commonsense. "White flight" doesn't happen for nothing. And in supposedly gun-free Britain you have some black kids taking machine pistols with them to school!

Sadly, Prof Fraser's warnings to Australians are already being justified. Note the following news excerpt:

"A teenage Sudanese refugee arrived in Australia just days before going on one of the most vicious rape sprees in Victoria's history, police allege. Hakeem Hakeem, now 20, is accused of raping four women and forcing a teenager to rape his former partner in the space of just a week. Mr Hakeem's alleged victims ranged in age from 16 to 63 and appear to have been chosen randomly. The rapes increased in brutality as the offender progressed, with one woman's throat slashed during an attack in her home"


I don't suppose many Americans would be surprised to hear that story but it is very bad news for Australia.

Cladistic Lies

"Cladistic"? What the devil is that? (Hey! Am I still allowed to refer to the Devil? I'd better phone the ACLU to find out!)

Cladistics is the name for a skeptical approach to the study of fossils. It says that you should not assume stuff you cannot prove -- which is a pretty reasonable idea as far as I am concerned. One of the advocates of cladistics is Henry Gee, who is Senior Editor for biological sciences at the prestigious scientific magazine Nature. He has written a book called In Search of Deep Time that tells you all about cladistics.

But how does this great skeptic and authority on science go when political correctness raises its head? He crumbles utterly, of course. Science and skepticism go straight out the window. According to this review of his book, he refers to relations between the early British settlers of the Australian State of Tasmania and the native blacks of Tasmania as follows: "When white settlers arrived in Tasmania they regarded the Stone Age inhabitants as animals and hunted them down to extinction".

Another "evil white man" story, of course. One hardly knows where to begin in blowing up such a pack of lies. Such an account is indeed the story put out by the current generation of politically correct Australian Leftist historians but to accept it as true is neither skeptical nor scientific. And it has been known as a pack of lies for years by anyone prepared to delve into the matter -- as this 1982 article by Cobern illustrates. And Keith Windschuttle -- himself a reformed Leftist historian -- has been dynamiting the whole lying story for years.

And, as Jonathan Sturm -- a long-time resident of Tasmania -- asks: If the Tasmanian aborigines were hunted to extinction, how come he knows so many of them in his own neighbourhood?