Sunday, September 25, 2005

Jared Diamond Slanders Whites Too

In my post "Cladistic Lies" I mentioned how "Science" writer Dr Henry Gee passed on the "evil white man" slander about the British settlement of Tasmania. But Gee is fairly mild compared to what that notorious twister of the truth, Jared Diamond has to say. Here is the unspeakable garbage that Diamond has written on the subject:

"Settlers regarded Tasmanians as little more than animals and treated them accordingly. Tactics for hunting down Tasmanians included riding out on horseback to shoot them, setting out steel traps to catch them, and putting out poison flour where they might find and eat it. Shepherds cut off the penis and testicles of aboriginal men, to watch the men run a few yards before dying. At a hill christened Mount Victory, settlers slaughtered 30 Tasmanians and threw their bodies over a cliff. One party of police killed 70 Tasmanians and dashed out the children's brains".


I am so upset by these awful lies that I will simply refer readers to what Jonathan Sturm has to say about them. And if you want the fully documented evidence about what REALLY happened, it is all in Keith Windschuttle's book: The Fabrication of Aboriginal History.