Sunday, September 11, 2005

I Don't Believe it! Suntans are now Incorrect

This is one bit of PC that would NOT go down well in California

Another near-triumph of the European bureaucracy: They tried to ban exposure to the sun. Fortunately it has been voted down (for now) in the European parliament. Why the nonsense? Because exposure to the sun can sometimes give you skin cancer, of course! And all nice European do-gooders must do their best to prevent that, mustn't they? Excerpt:

"MEPs have voted against a measure that would have made employers responsible for workers' exposure to sunlight. Critics said the clause would oblige bosses to make builders wear shirts and tell barmaids to cover their cleavage. But supporters said it would help protect people who work outside from the danger of skin cancer. The EU law on radiation at work will now leave it to each member state to decide whether employers should protect staff from the sun. However, EU member states may yet attempt to overturn the parliament's decision".


Note that dermatology professor Sam Shuster says that suntans are actually beneficial.

White Crooks must Love Race-blindness!

I have mentioned a couple of times now how various police departments try to avoid mentioning the race of a wanted criminal -- with the British police describing a criminal somewhat enigmatically as being "of dual heritage". The following email from a reader in response to those posts got me thinking:

"Exactly. The same thing occurs here in Houston, TX. The news commentator can give a great description of the getaway car and even the license plate numbers and even the gender of the perp and what color clothes he was wearing, but RARELY do they say what he looked like. But then, most of the crime here really is perpetrated by non-whites so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to listen between the lines".

So what happens if the criminal is in fact white? He could get off Scot-free because nobody would suspect him. Everybody would be looking for a black! The authorities could of course mention it on those occasions when the criminal happens to be white but that would undermine the whole point of the exercise -- which is presumably to avoid drawing attention to the fact that most wanted criminals are black! "Oh what a tangled web we weave ....."

By the way, it occurs to me that I myself am of "dual heritage". I have only a little Scottish ancestry but that Scottish blood is powerful stuff and there were many allusions to things Scottish when I was growing up. And I was baptised into the Presbyterian Church and sent to Presbyterian Sunday School. And I do wear the kilt on special occasions. See here