Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Cooing at New-born Babies Banned

Political correctness in Britain is something else again. But would you believe that cooing at new-born babies breaches the babies' human rights? You can't make this stuff up but here it is straight from the BBC (Excerpt):

"Debbie Lawson, neo-natal manager at the hospital's special care baby unit, said: "Cooing should be a thing of the past because these are little people with the same rights as you or me""


How these politically correct types must hate normal people!

Incorrect for Conservatives to Protest

This is a lulu. A local conservative politician in Britain wanted to join in with local unionists to protest about a factory closure. The unionists wouldn't have him! Another case where comments about the Leftist mentality seem appropriate. Were they protesting to get something done or just protesting to make themselves feel good? I know what I think. A press excerpt:

"A Tory Assembly Member [in Wales] said last night he was "hurt and offended" after being barred from a workers' protest bus going to the Labour conference in Brighton. Alun Cairns, who came within 1,800 votes of winning Vale of Glamorgan from Labour's John Smith in May's general election, said he had originally been invited to join workers from the threatened Dara aircraft maintenance works at St Athan to join them on the lobbying trip today. But he claimed an official of the Amicus union later withdrew the invitation".


And aren't Leftists always telling us how incredibly careful we have to be about hurting people's feelings? Or don't the feelings of conservatives count? It seems not.

More on SUVs

I have got a lot of good emails about my post on SUVs so I can't put them all up but I couldn't resist posting this one. You might want to say in the Comments section what you think it tells us about the Green/Left mind:

"I currently live in a tiny mountain town in C****** called B*****, population about 4,000 and of those (me not included) at least 7/8ths are hippies, Greenpeace nuts or tree huggers of one odious ilk or another. All of us however drive large 4x4 vehicles, mostly because at 9000 ft. between October and May that is what will get you around. My neighbor, a grubby peacenik of the worst sort, actually had an enlightened/humorous explanation for his seeming automotive hypocrisy. I asked him after one of his particularly tiresome tirades on logging how he could spout his tree-hugging propaganda now and then drive home in a 450 horsepower, dual rear-wheel, 4x4 truck that gets 6 miles per gallon. With perfect aplomb the greasy hipster says, "What are you talking about? By driving that truck I'm using up all those damned fossil fuels as fast as I can. The quicker that sh** is gone, the quicker we'll all be driving hydrogen or electric cars and trucks." He was serious too. I hate it that I actually like that answer"

My correspondent gave me the full name of where he lived but I have given the first letters only to spare him any possible aggression.


I have just remembered whom the hippy in the story above reminds me of: One of the great Fascist slogans of prewar Italy was "Mussolini ha sempre ragione" ("Mussolini is always right"). And if you think Fascism was Rightist, there is a whole heap of history here and here and here that will knock your socks off.