Monday, September 12, 2005

Book Burning Again Soon?

Britain's Leftist government seems to be doing a modern version of book-burning. The anti-immigration and anti-Muslim British National Party is too extreme for me but surely an anti-immigration and anti-Muslim voice has a right to be heard. It's having big trouble being heard in Britain. Note the following news report:

"The entire print run of this month's edition of the British National Party newspaper was seized by police yesterday. Sixty thousand copies of The Voice of Freedom were confiscated at Dover. Police said: "They have been seized so we can see if any criminal offences have been committed." The papers were being carried by lorry from a printworks in Slovakia. The BNP later decided to publish the edition on its website. The 16-page issue leads with the headline "What about showing some solidarity with the British people?", under the words "Britain gets bombed but it's Islam that gets the sympathy" Spokesman Dr Phill Edwards said it was "a serious attack by the state on freedom of speech"."


The BNP website also has had something strange happen to it. Whenever I try to log on it crashes my browser. And where is the legality in seizing something that MIGHT be illegal? Don't you have to have reasonable grounds for thinking a crime has been committed before you take police action? The British State does seem to be showing some worrying authoritarian tendencies.


The British police realized that they didn't have a legal leg to stand on and backed off eventually. News excerpt from the BNP website.

"At about 1800hrs today (12th) two BNP officials received telephone calls from Kent Police who admitted they made a mistake and that the print run of 60,000 copies of our monthly newspaper can be uplifted at the earliest opportunity from the HM Customs compound at Dover docks.... The news came as a response to a legal letter delivered by a barrister, acting on behalf of the BNP that we would press for "serious and maximum damages" against Kent Constabulary for the loss of earnings from our newspaper and a further expectation of taking the Force to the European Court of Human Rights.

It is a great relief to me personally that the threat of a Fascist Britain has receded.