Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Will We Ban “Hate Speech”? Lessons from Europe and the Threat of Big Tech

The demand to outlaw so-called “hate speech” continues to grow in America. Too few citizens, however, understand the radical theory behind “hate speech” criminalization, how our nation will change should it be banned, and the tech world’s involvement in ushering in this future.

By turning to Europe, which actively criminalizes “hate speech,” we see that politicians, priests, political commentators, and private citizens have been censored, fined, arrested, investigated, and prosecuted for violating speech laws, which have had a devastating effect on the capacity of citizens to rule themselves.

In America, the tech world is working hard to ensure our nation looks more like Europe. Should “hate speech” be banned in America, the tech world will help bring forth this revolution. Please join us to discuss the different dimensions of this important debate.


Anonymous said...

Freedom has been eroding for a long time.
We are gradually sinking back to the situation before the revolution.

Anonymous said...

In Europe it started with the holocaust denial laws which made it a crime to have a dissenting opinion on a historical subject. A lot of people who should have known better said it only applied to "Nazis" and would not affect free speech. Wrong. Once they got their foot in the door the politically correct brigade went after other topics such as immigration, racial differences, homosexuality etc.