Thursday, July 25, 2019

Popular department store slammed for 'fat-shaming' plates

American department megastore Macy’s has apologised after being accused of “promoting fat-shaming and food guilt” with its dinnerware set that appeared to guilt people into eating less to fit into smaller jeans.

In a picture shared to social media, the plates are marked into three segments, with smallest portion labeled “skinny jeans,” the next “favourite jeans” and the largest called “mom jeans.”

US Podcast host Alie Ward tweeted the picture, prompting backlash from hundreds of people calling Macy’s out for the design, which they said propagates the idea that people must eat less to be “skinny”.

Many responded to her post claiming the retail chain was insensitive about “eating disorders” and “body issues,” and called for the plates to be removed immediately.

Body positivity activist Jameela Jamil joined in the conversation, tweeting: “F*** these plates. “F*** these plates to hell Macy’s.”

One person wrote that the illustration on the plate wasn’t indicative of anything other than “body shaming”.

Their tweet describes how the small portions wouldn’t be able to fit a healthy amount of food — or even “hold like two chicken nuggets”.



Anonymous said...

Fat shaming was invented by those who need it the most. We're still painting the roses red.

Anonymous said...

“hold like two chicken nuggets”.

hold like ??????