Sunday, July 21, 2019

Belgian firefighters in fury over 'soft' new logo

Macho Belgian firefighters are furious at a Brussels-wide rebranding exercise that could ditch their tough badge, which boasts twin axes, helmet and flames, in favour of a heart-shaped flower.

The new logo is consistent with Brussels in-house style and uses the city’s Iris motif, which is picked out with two stylised flames on one side.

“The men think it is too soft,” said Dirk Van der Ougstraete, of the ACV trade union.

Trade unionists said that the Brussels fire brigade was ready to mutiny against the new image, declared it looked more like a bottom than a badge and said it could lead to them being mistaken for postmen. 

“Everyone is really furious. Our identity is completely lost with this,” said Eric Labourdette of the trade union VSOA. “If this comes through we will flex our muscles."

“They can put it on their envelopes and letters, but not on our uniforms or on our vehicles," he said, “With this logo, people might as well think that we are postmen.”

“This has nothing to do with our profession and our traditions. It is very bad for our people,” he told the Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper.  “I already visited three stations today,” he added, “and they are very angry about everything.”



Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Politically Correct crowd has been at it again.

Bird of Paradise said...

The liberal pansies are out in force showing to the world what a bunch of nambdy pambdies they are They would make the Wimpy Kid look like Mr America

Anonymous said...

I guess in a fire they would prefer the firefighters show up with flowers and boxes od valentine candy rather than axes and fire hoses.

Anonymous said...

Axes have been a symbol of vigiles since ancient Rome.