Sunday, July 28, 2019

Anti-abortion billboard removed from Australian highway following backlash

A billboard on a NSW highway featuring an anti-abortion advertisement has been taken down following major community backlash.

The billboard, which was created by pro-life group Emily’s Voice, was recently installed on the side of the Pacific Highway at Lake Macquarie as part of the group’s “notbornyet” campaign.

It showed a pregnant woman holding her belly and featured the words: “A heart beats at four weeks.”

There was swift backlash from the community after the sign was put up, with many people calling for it to be torn down.

Local woman Shaynie Croese started an online petition, calling on the mayor of Lake Macquarie to have the billboard removed.

“If you’re pro women being entitled to safe and stigma free termination services, or even if you’ve ever been in a situation where you (or your partner) has ever needed to use abortion services before please spread the word on this petition,” Ms Croese wrote.

“I will be contacting the Lake Macquarie Mayor (Kay Fraser) and express all concerns about the ‘advertisement’ and eventually result in its removal.”

The company that owns the billboard spot, oOh!media, told the sign was accepted earlier this year after it was found not to be in breach of any advertising codes.

However, following the backlash the company has since revised its decision.



Anonymous said...

Killing unborn babies is perfectly acceptable to Liberals, but children who have entered illegally must have special care at the US border.

Anonymous said...

So, these people (the proabort ones) are afraid of scientific facts?

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Liberals support Abortion Liberals are upset when a tree is chopped down Which shows Liberals are Screwballs