Thursday, July 11, 2019

Flag controversies flare on independence day

Conservatives were outraged when tennis shoe maker Nike pulled a patriotic shoe, featuring the Betsy Ross American flag, from a planned Independence Day promotion. The shift occurred because former pro-footballer Colin Kaepernink convinced the company the flag was offensive to blacks, because the Betsy Ross flag was designed while slavery was still intact in America.

The “politically correct” move by Nike has an obvious backlash, as millions of Americans are stunned that one downright ridiculous complaint from a former 3rd rate athlete could be taken seriously.

The Nike controversy was accompanied by other flag related issues – such as Facebook subsidiary Instagram’s removal of a flag photo because the subject, alternative media figure Kaitlyn Bennett, was wearing an Infowars Tshirt while standing in front of an American flag. The photo had been online for 6 months, and Instagram claimed it was removed to “keep Instagram a safe place for everyone.”

Simultaneously, anger surfaced over the Kaeperninck stupidity as desperate Democratic hopefuls sought to spin the story in their favor by saying they fully support Nike’s move.

Meanwhile, American Communists clashed with a couple of Patriots for burning the flag in Washington DC – even as reality TV figure Don Lemonis, who is the chairman of a major RV Retailer, is currently being fined $50 per day by Statesville NC officials for flying a flag they consider to be too large.

The defiant Lemonis says he’ll got to jail for old glory as it honors our military and veterans. Let’s see: People going to jail for flying the American flag, and a washed up sports figure offended by that same flag others have died for. In America?



Anonymous said...

The flag does not belong on shoes or other clothing; it is very disrespectful.

C. S. P. Schofield said...

The Nike decision is simplicity itself to explain. They paid that 2nd rate athlete (3rd raters seldom get as far as the NFL) a lot of money to be a company spokesman, and he was becoming last year's news. It would not astonish me to learn that the whole thing, from the announcement of the Betsy Ross sneakers on, was a set up intended to make that ninny relevant again, and get Nike's money's worth out of him.