Thursday, March 24, 2016

Zara has pulled a T-shirt with a gluten-free slogan from its shelves after sparking a backlash amongst its customers

Some problems may not be mentioned, apparently.  Going gluten free has become something of a fad among perfectly healthy people and the T-shirt was most probably intended as a comment on that. I remember one period when I had a very on-off relstionship with a nice lady.  During one of our "off" periods, she discovered she was allergic to gluten.  When we got back together, however, her allergy vanished!  She was just unhappy.  I still think well of her

The graphic print white top, which read 'Are you gluten-free?', enraged shoppers who accused the Spanish fashion brand of trivialising coeliac disease.

Marta Casadesus, from Terrassa, Spain, started a petition to have the T-shirt removed, which amassed 53,000 signatures, and Zara apologised for any offence caused.

She posted: 'Coeliac disease is not a fad, nor is it a disease to take it in jest, because of the strictness of the diet that must be followed, gluten-free, and the problems it can cause if it is not done properly.

'The message of this shirt trivialises an important health problem, which affects more people and should be considered whenever the intolerant person - gluten, in this case - is eating out, for example.

However Mollie Sheppard, who suffers with coeliac disease, said she wanted to get hold of the T-shirt to wear as a badge of honour.

Zara's parent company Inditex posted a response on the Change petition. It said the shirt has been removed online and is being removed in stores.

A spokesperson said: 'We sincerely regret that this case can be interpreted as a trivialization of coeliac problem completely opposite intention of Inditex.



Anonymous said...

Some people are simply obtuse.

Bird of Paradise said...

Gluten Free and Brain Free No Brains too stupid to have brains typical wheat germ inhaling health freaks all mouth and no mind

Anonymous said...

But "Gluten Free" IS as fad being picked up by all sorts of people who ought to know better. That this fad has been very helpful for those who truly are intolerant of gluten has lessened my usual distaste for fads though I am afraid the inevitable collapse of this fad may severely damage the now plentiful resources the coeliac sufferers have had made available.

Use the Name, Luke said...

3:19, I fully agree. (Where's the 'like' button?)

One of the best signs I've seen was posted in front of a garage (car repairs). It said, "Our oil is gluten free!"

Anonymous said...

Through most of humankinds evolution our diet was restricted, often very restricted as the Arctic Tribes demonstrate. Now we have an amazing abundance of varied and sundry foods with a host of additives and adulterants and accompanying spices and flavorings. That combinations of these will cause a small percentage of the population distress is inevitable. That those affected should campaign against foodstuffs and additives that do not affect others is moronic but fits the progressive mantra. It has been proven that a significant portion of those identifying as gluten intolerant have no allergy or reaction to gluten or only react to it in the presence of another allergen/additive.



Birdzilla said...

Anon 3:19 I know what you mean all this health kick just more crazy ideas from the usial wackos out there like with fad diets like Meatless or Salt Free the usial cracked urns and their wacky ideas

stinky said...

So they want to kill the "fad" and thereby increase the likelihood of gluten in their food? Ah, vanity.

(FWIW, I think there's more than a fad to it, less than some people make of it. Other than for true celiacs, there's usually several other things a person can do to improve their diet that will have more of a beneficial impact than cutting out gluten, but it's harmless to try and for some people it'll help)

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Forced by the Obmas and the food scolds and foced to a vegan lifestyle by the wheatgerm inhlaing heth freaks under the United Nation and some pag hindu doctor coming from a backwards religion that worships Cows,Elephants and Monkeys and reveres rats over their own kids

Anonymous said...

I don't understand...
The t-shirt merely asks a simple and inoffensive question?
The answer of course is 'yes' humans are gluten free (although I have never eaten one I am pretty confident on this one).
Now, whether they have adopted a gluten-free diet, so what? Its about as offensive as 'Got Milk?' or "Where's the beef?".

Storm the Abatross said...

Anon 8:59 there's no logic in the liberal camps they just sit and yammer mindless blather