Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Leftist hate speech against Trump

Here's an example.  One of many.  It just oozes hate of the Donald

As the idea of Donald Trump winning a major party nomination goes from ugly nightmare to increasingly real possibility, pundits are wondering why they didn’t see it coming. One reason is that many pundits, particularly on the right, have spent decades pretending that the ugly racial sentiments Trump panders to either don’t exist or are a minor aberrance on the radical fringe. Others have tried to blame economic conditions, an important factor that can’t fully explain the Trump phenomenon (there aren’t many poor Blacks rushing to vote Trump). Research suggests that racial animus is a much more powerful predictor of Trump support than “economic anxiety.” We argue that the core of the Trump phenomenon is decades of dog-whistle race-baiting made real: Trump is animating white racial fears in order to race toward the Republican nomination.


How about  saying much the same about Hillary?  Would that be racist?   Would it be hate speech?  Undoubtedly.  See the translation below:

The idea of a Hillary presidency is an ugly nightmare. The Left have spent decades pretending that the ugly anti-white racial sentiments she panders to either don’t exist or are a minor aberrance.  Research suggests that racial animus in the black community is a much more powerful predictor of her support than “economic anxiety.” We argue that the core of the Hillary  phenomenon is decades of race-baiting made real"


Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals are so two faced their totaly pathetic they can say Practice Tolrence while demanding conservatives be punished for speaking out against the New World Order

Anonymous said...

As an active Republican of many years, I do not understand how Republicans can vote for Trump. I wonder if many of his primary votes are from people who are not Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:39 - Many of his primary votes are from people who would not bother to vote in a primary at all because none of the candidates have gotten them excited enough to participate before.

Have you not noticed the huge uptick in voter participation in the primaries on the Republican side vs the modest collapse of interest in voting on the Democratic side? Of course you haven't if you've just listened to the traditional media because that is a story they have kept buried. You should have noticed though the lack of the traditional media carping about how few people are voting in the primaries because trying to run that regular story again would open them to telling the real story.

The fact is that Trump has reached a large audience who have not been motivated to act before because people see him as someone who cannot be bought by someone else since the majority of people sent to Washington quickly become part of the Washington cabal instead of living up to the rhetoric they used to get elected.

Anonymous said...

ANON 3:06 AM is largely correct; Trumps message has resonated with many republicans and independents who have been marginalized by the republican party in the past.

ANON 2:39 AM It would appear that you are of the faction in the republican party that has grasped defeat from the jaws of victory often in the last 20 years. Progressives are in a no holds barred, take no prisoners mode of operation and the fallback and compromise utilized by the republican party has only allowed them to succeed. There is a truism, "Civilized discourse never works with fanatics" and it makes no difference in those fanatics are muslim, progressive, or the KKK.


Birdzilla said...

I see where a bunch of pluage ridden mexican lowlifes burned a efegee of trump more reasons we dont want this scumballs here

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Trump syndrome symtoms include contant whining tremling in the corner when the name TRUMP is mentioned and the cure is a safe space(Playpen)to suck your thumb and whine and snivel