Wednesday, March 23, 2016

See-through dresses are VERBOTEN, VIETATO, INTERDIT, Forbidden

German, Italian, French and English should cover it

A New York City billboard for Calvin Klein features a close-up of rapper Fetty Wap's face with the tagline: 'I make money in #mycalvins'

Next to it is a provocatively-posed image of model Klara Kristin in a see-through dress with the tagline: 'I seduce in #mycalvins'

Lingerie company ThirdLove's CEO Heidi Zak argued that the ads perpetuate sexist 1950s stereotypes about men and women

She wrote a letter to Calvin Klein's CEO, created the hashtag #MoreThanMyUnderwear, and launched a petition

The billboard has since been removed, though the company said it was part of a 'planned rotation' of the Spring 2016 campaign's images


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Anonymous said...

For profit motives,some people push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable.