Sunday, March 06, 2016

Sexy shop dummy no good

Shoppers have complained after a 'pornographic' mannequin was put in the window of a high-end watch store in Kent's Bluewater shopping centre.

The pneumatic figure, with blonde hair and a capacious bust that strains against her top, sits astride a missile in the Breitling shop window and has ruffled feathers at the 330-store centre in Greenhithe, Kent.

Shoppers felt highly-sexualised display - in which the mannequin's white knickers are visible - was 'offensive' and unsuitable for a family environment and have voted for removing it in an online petition.

Kirsty Russell, 42, who started the petition on, wrote: 'Breitling must have lost confidence in the quality of their watches to sell themselves and have stooped to this.

'Their shop display has a woman sitting on either side of a missile with exaggerated breasts, nipples highlighted by a spotlight and her gusset on show.  'I'm offended and I don't think a shop window display like this should be at a family shopping centre - it's vile.'

A spokesman for Breitling, founded in Switzerland in 1884, declined to comment.

A Bluewater spokesman said: 'We are aware of some customer comments regarding Breitling's store display and the matter is now being dealt with directly by the retailer.'



Anonymous said...

It does seem to be somewhat inappropriate for the location; much more is seen live on any beach in the Summer.

Bird of Paradise said...

The realy dummies are attending universities and collages and in the schools learning how to be faithful to Big Brother

Anonymous said...

Is there anything which doesn't offend someone?

This severely offends me: