Monday, March 21, 2016

Another attempt to censor Trump

It's clear who the Fascists are.  The Left clearly don't believe in democracy

Arizonians demonstrating against Republican candidate Donald Trump's scheduled appearance in a Phoenix suburb used cars to block the road into the event Saturday, as thousands of New Yorkers protested against the Republican candidate in his hometown.

'Protesters have used vehicles to block off Shea Boulevard. We're going to evaluate the situation,' Maricopa County sheriff's deputy Joaquin Enriquez told Daily Mail Online.

Police said protesters parked vehicles sideways across the road, which is the main thoroughfare into the affluent suburb Fountain Hill where Trump was scheduled to speak.

'They're going a little far when they block off roads like that. They're blocking emergency vehicles as well,' Enriquez said.

Three people were arrested and will be charged with obstructing a public thoroughfare, a class three misdemeanor, Enriquez said.

The three unidentified individuals were taken to the Fourth Avenue jail in Phoenix.

Trump ended up taking the stage about an hour late, and made no mention of the protests against him.

The county's controversial sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Trump supporter who was also tasked with overseeing security, introduced the GOP candidate at the Phoenix rally.

About an hour earlier, as the pre-rally protests were going on, Arpaio commented on demonstrators in a phone interview. 

'Those opposed to Donald Trump, it's them that's inciting the riots. They don't like our fight against illegal immigration,' Arpaio told MSNBC.

The sheriff is known for his tough stance against illegal immigration, an issue where he sees eye-to-eye with Trump.

His jurisdiction includes Phoenix and nearly two-thirds of the population of Arizona, which is 31 percent Latino.



Anonymous said...

Scum without any self-discipline think that they can do whatever they like without consequences. Liberals think that illegal activities should not be punished.

Bird of Paradise said...

Typical progresivists scumballs who need a good disisipling like being put ona chain gang

Anonymous said...

I am alright with this and I think that people on this site should be too.
Blocking a street is a legitimate protest and if you believe in free speech you should support it.

Anonymous said...


You got to shitting me? Blocking a major thoroughfare is legitimate protest? What socialist country did you come from? Only leftist scum block emergency vehicle access.

Anonymous said...

Scum (corporations) without any self-discipline think that they can do whatever they like without consequences.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:03 - Only morons failed to learn the lesson from their parents that just because someone else is doing something bad that it's ok for you to do something bad as well.

So your "justification" for the protestors has been shown to be nothing but a fart in the wind, now I also demand you provide a current and relevant example of some undisciplined corporation doing the kind of damage you impute because I suspect you can't.

Birdzilla said...

Anon 8:09 what is there was a ambulance taking a person to the hospital during a life threating emergency and could,nt get through a bunch of stupid liberal pinheads holding a protests like that Well then i say hold the idiots liable for any deaths that could happen and hold their orginizers liable as well

Anonymous said...

The weakness of your commitment to free speech is showing people.
If I gather a few hundred people and march down a major road showing slogans and waving banners am I not protesting AND blocking a road?
Is this any different just because you don't like what I am protesting?
Your commitment to protect speech you disagree with is the true measure of your commitment to free speech.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:54 - Free speech is being able to express yourself but only the ignorant have never heard the phrase "You free speech ends where my nose begins" which means you are no longer expressing free speech when you cause damage to others.

Even blocking of the roads is allowed when it is planned in advance so that emergency vehicles can be routed to avoid the blockade but when the blockade is done without any such warning AND and emergency vehicle is blocked (which is the situation we are talking about here) then you have progressed beyond free speech into the realm of actual violence.

The fact that you can't see that is simply more evidence that there is nothing in the world more hateful than a leftist protesting against what they claim is hatred.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Anon 4:35 Liberals reject Free Speech why else do they favor speech codes at many collages and universities

Anonymous said...

Spurwing, leftists (they were never actually "liberal" just as they are not actually "progressive" either) believe in free speech for themselves, just not for others.

Theirs is the totalitarian mindset of people who think they are better than everyone else therefore everyone else should shut up and listen to them.