Sunday, March 13, 2016

Some opinions are just not allowed in Britain

Christian magistrate is sacked after claiming adopted children were better off with a man and a woman as parents than with a gay couple

Magistrate Richard Page, 68, was sacked after 15 years at Maidstone and Sevenoaks courts, in Kent, after objecting to a gay couple adopting a child live on air.

The Judiciary Conduct Investigations Office confirmed that the father-of-three has been removed from the magistracy as a district judge.

They said that the grounds for his dismissal result from comments made on national television which a reasonable person would conclude he is bias against single sex adopters.

He was recorded saying: 'My responsibility as a magistrate, as I saw it, was to do what I considered best for the child, and my feeling was therefore that it would be better if it was a man and woman who were the adopted parents.'

A spokesman for the JCIO said: 'The Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice found that Mr Page's comments on national television would have caused a reasonable person to conclude he was biased and prejudiced against single sex adopters; they considered this to be serious misconduct which brought the magistracy into disrepute.

'They have therefore removed Mr Page from the magistracy.

It is believed Mr Page had less than a month to run as a Justice of the Peace.



Anonymous said...

It is not a crime to be biased and prejudiced against single sex adopters; there is something wrong with the "minds" of homosexuals.

Anonymous said...

The JP can have his private views, but in his public position as a JP he obviously cannot appear to be prejudiced, and should have had more sense about how he expressed himself.

Bird of Paradise said...

Multi Culteralisms a virus and a pluague invading the europe

Birdzilla said...

Be happy america is no longer a british colony and no part of the Euroweenie Union

Anonymous said...

He is right on the first point - he is obliged to act in the best interests of the child.
The question is - is he right on the second? Is it in the best interests of the child to have a man and woman as adoptive parents rather than some other combination?
If the answer is 'yes' - then he was sacked for nothing more than PC.
If the answer is 'no' - then he was sacked for good cause as his bias is without valid foundation.