Monday, March 14, 2016

Guinness made a glaring 'mistake' on this St Patrick’s Day poster

A Guinness advert for St. Patrick’s Day is being shared for all the wrong reasons after a glaring ‘error’ was spotted.

Some of the Irish community in Toronto have complained to Guinness Canada for using a four leaf clover in the advert and not a shamrock as intended.

It was picked up by eagle-eyed commuters at the green-themed St. Patrick Underground station who posted photos online.

Toronto resident Judith Gannon wrote: “I thought if anyone would be able to get a shamrock right it would be Guinness Canada. I guess not.”

Another wrote: “Looks like Guinness Canada have put up ads around the city using a four leaf clover instead of a shamrock.”

An Instagram user wrote: “Hey Guinness Canada, the four leaf clover is not the preferred foliage of Ireland. The shamrock however, is.

While a Twitter user wrote: “At St. Patrick station. Of all the places to mess up, it had to be there.”



Anonymous said...

If people are so proud to be Irish, why aren't they living in Ireland ?

Bird of Paradise said...

And Obama and those seven extra states Gore cant identfy the founding fathers

Birdzilla said...

Erin Go Bragh fools

Anonymous said...

Slow news day.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Ignore me in angry kiss me and i,ll peck your eyes out

Anonymous said...

If that's how they feel then scrap St Pat's day in Canada. There are surely other things to celebrate on St Pat's day.

Anonymous said...

St Pat's Day is just a weak excuse for getting even more wasted than usual! (Ironically, Saint Patrick wasn't even Irish, but was kidnapped by Irish pirates from the coast of Britain/Wales.)