Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Australia: Golliwog fury rumbles on

A market stall has come under fire from shoppers for selling and displaying a rack of racist tea towels featuring controversial dolls.

Melbourne University pro-vice chancellor Ian Anderson was at the Flinders Market over the Easter weekend in Mornington Peninsula, south-east of Melbourne, when he stumbled across the stall.

The stall included a rack of colourful striped tea towels branded 'Good Golly', believed to be Gollywog dolls and 'Picanninny' - an offensive term for a child with dark skin.

Professor Anderson, who was with a young group of Aborigines, said they felt sick to their stomach when they saw the items being sold.

'They have a kind of superficial charm about them, they're sort of innocent. They're the sort of thing that is part of kids' stories. But they are deeply out of place in Australian society,' Prof Anderson told The Age.

'What's at the core of them is a really disturbing stereotype of indigenous Australia, of black people. It's naive and out of place.'

The controversial 'Golliedolls' - with their frizzy hair, dark skin and clown lips - have sparked public outrage since they rose to popularity in the 1970s.



Anonymous said...

The perpetually offended can always find offence where none is present.

Bird of Paradise said...

Some people are offended easly so they sit around and go WHINE,WHINE,WHINE

Anonymous said...

They don't reference Aboriginal Australians but Americans of African descent.

Anonymous said...

"Good golly Miss Molly". Wonder if Little Richard is offended?

Anonymous said...

The adolescents involved would not have know what these were until they were pointed out as a slight on their ancestry which is highly debatable.


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you that you can rise to the position of Pro-VC at a major Australian University and still be an ignorant moron.
The representations have NOTHING to do with Australian Aboriginal people.
And they should be as offensive to black people as representations of cavemen are to me, ie not at all.

Anonymous said...

I respect the stall's right to sell the towels or whatever.

I would bet they are saying "we have the right to say what we want."

But then there is the sign that says "No Photos!. The artist owns the copyright."

So it is okay for the artist to say what they want, but they don't want a person to take a picture? Of a product? In a public setting? For the purpose of discussion?

Somehow the idea of "I can say what I want, but you can't" comes to mind.

This may be one of those instances where both the people persecuting the vendor and the vendor are wrong.

Anonymous said...

The left in action again. It's time we cleansed our universities of socialists. They add no value to Australian society.

Lorraine Palmer said...

The Golly wog doll has become the victim of the left, the black golly we had as children in the late 40's and loved by all that had one. It is now used as the hate filled left for their agenda of racial profiling. Damn them