Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Must not mention slave attire

I suspect that it is "slaves" in kinky sex that are being referred to, not Africans

As a fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana is known for its love of animal prints, its opposition to gay couples adopting children, and its staunch stance against surrogacy and in vitro fertilization.

Now, thanks to its upcoming 2016 spring collection, the brand might be able to add low-key racism to the list of things that influence its signature style. Earlier today, listings went up for a $2,395 piece of leather masquerading as a sandal adorned with tufts of cotton. Dolce & Gabbana called it their “Slave Sandal.”

“The Spring-Summer 2016 collection is a declaration of love to Italy, told through unique clothing and accessories on an imaginary journey through the wonders of this country,” Dolce & Gabbana’s website says of its new line. “Italia is Love.”

Italia may be love, but Italia (and Dolce & Gabbana by extension) has a pretty well-documented history of being culturally insensitive when it comes to brown people. Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time that D&G have dipped their toe into the shallow end of the racism pool. As The Cut points out, Dolce & Gabbana released a series of earrings last year that were styled after the kinds offensive blackamoor and mammy that are still all too commonly found in Italy.

Dolce & Gabbana’s updated site now calls the sandal a “Decorative Flat Sandal In Napa Leather With Pompoms,” but upscale resale sites that drew their descriptions directly from D&G still have the word “slave” embedded within their URLs.



Use the Name, Luke said...

That looks to me like an elementary school art project. This is "high fashion"???

Bird of Paradise said...

Oh grow up will you and stop your darn old whining please

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Saw this cartoon on the internet showing one of those africans in their afro hairstyle(Remember those)and some bird is swooping in from behind saying I'VE GOT TO THAT THAT FOR MY NEST