Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rower who blacked up to pilot his boat The Golliwogger in river festival denies racism

A builder who blacked up in public then rowed his boat the The Golliwogger in a West Country river festival today defended the decision and said: 'Down in Cornwall it's a bit different.'

Giles Stawski, 35, has criticised the 'politically correct' people who were offended by his fancy dress at the event last weekend in Wadebridge, Cornwall.

Shocked festival-goers complained to national brewery Sharp's, who sponsored the event, who also described the situation as 'deeply disappointing'.

But Mr Stawski has denied that he had acted in poor taste and said: 'Other parts of the country have gone a bit too politically correct. Down in Cornwall it's a bit different.

'People took it in the good humour it was intended. I don't find it offensive but I understand other people might.'

Mr Stawski was not the only person to black up and was among a crew of five men and eight women who took part in the popular race on Saturday.

Three others were blacked up as cannibals and a couple more as cavemen on their makeshift boat which was named the Golliwogger.

They were among the 20 entrants in the annual Sharp's Brewery Raft Race on the Camel Estuary which was the highlight of the Camel River Festival.

One onlooker said: 'It comes across as racist. I don't see the point of getting dressed up like that. It's a bit extreme. They called the boat the Golliwogger.'

James Nicholls, Senior Brand Manager of Sharp's - brewers of Doom Bar ale - said: 'In no way do we condone the behaviour of this team of entrants.



Anonymous said...

The PCists can't stand people having fun at a community event, not hurting anyone else, without being offended on someone's behalf. It is time to shut down the-offended-on-behalf-of-someone-else-brigade. In this day and age with the litigation lawyers making record profits it is time to tell the whingers to shut up. PC has gone way to far and needs to be put back in it's box.

Anonymous said...

Amen 11:27.

Bird of Paradise said...

Thata all we get from liberals WHINE,WHINE,WHINE

Olaf Koenders said...

Golliwogs, Black and White Minstrels etc. were popular for around 100 years. I don't see the problem. Is Andy Pandy next? Let's see who thinks this is offensive:

Three of the Jackson Five: