Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fatties not wanted!

A woman wanting to gain entry to a top London night spot that plays host to A-list celebrities was told she and her friends could get in for free - so long as none of them were fat.

Promoters selling tickets for Soho-based Cirque le Soir - which Drake, Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have all frequented - sent a list of rules to hopeful clubbers via Facebook and Whatsapp.

A Facebook message - one coming from Mia Md Mamun - sent to the promoters' VIP list outlined the stringent rules for entry into exclusive areas at the London club, where a bottle of champagne can set revellers back £1,000.

One read: 'Do not bring any big/fat girls/guys.'

A spokesperson for Cirque le Soir told MailOnline: 'We would like to distance ourselves from comments made by a so-called "promoter" who is not employed by us in any capacity and reassure you that this is not our door policy whatsoever.

'We would like to reiterate comments made have not come from anyone at Cirque le Soir, nor anyone connected to the club.

In separate messages, from promoters looking after the guest lists for Whisky Mist and Mason House in London, it was claimed that women wouldn't have to pay for entry if they were glam and wearing high heels.

Journalism student Elouise Bratt, 19, said she had received similar messages from promoters and blasted the club for apparently employing them.

Elouise, who studies at Nottingham Trent University and is originally from Gants Hill, east London, said: 'It's disgusting and it's discriminatory.



Anonymous said...

It is reasonable to have conditions for free entry.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious!?!
Nightclub entry has always been extremely discriminatory. Those door bitches/bastards have always let in the hotties and kept out the uglies.
Any club that isn't a gay club wants hot women in because it draws the blokes.
I suppose the reverse is also true.
It is no secret and any woman who is complaining about this now is either:
a. one of the uglies who has been rejected, or
b. a total hypocrite.

Bird of Paradise said...

If this happened here in america the lawyers would be circiling