Sunday, August 02, 2015

Now Instagram bans #goddess hashtag

Instagram has banned the hashtag #goddess because of 'inappropriate' images that 'violate' the company's Community Guidelines.

An Instagram spokesperson confirmed the block, explaining that '#goddess was consistently being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity.'

Unhappy users say the ban was unjustified, calling it an 'anti-woman move' alongside the site's banning (then un-banning) of the hashtag #curvy just last week.

Women are calling for Instagram to bring back the #goddess hashtag, posting campaign images on their personal accounts.

Instagram, however, says the move is justified. 'We only block hashtags when they are consistently being used to share images and videos that violate our Community Guidelines,' said the company spokesperson.



Anonymous said...

Liberal foolishness has no bounds.

Brian from Virginia. said...

I think the use of #goddess is silly, but I would never ban it. Freedom for all or freedom for none. There is no half point.

Anonymous said...

No one should use Instagram and Facebook, they are evil.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals have walnut sized brains why else are they so darn stupid