Thursday, August 20, 2015

Must not joke about eating cake

A cafe has come under fire for displaying a billboard which encourages people to eat cake because the 'more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap' in the town where April Jones was murdered.

Residents in Machynlleth, Mid Wales, claim to be outraged after spotting the blackboard outside a cafe which says: 'The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap! Stay safe. Eat cake!!'

The chalk sign comes after five-year-old April was abducted near her home in Machynlleth in 2012.

Her disappearance sparked the largest ever search in UK history but her body was never found, and Mark Bridger was later convicted of her murder.

Residents said they were 'shocked' by the 'distasteful' billboard outside the town's Chimes cafe, claiming it was offensive not only to the family but also those in the town who remember the tragedy three years ago.

Angharad Penrhyn Jones said: 'In view of what happened to April Jones this is shocking.  'I went to talk to cafe owner and apparently the sign is "humorous", the kidnapping happened "years ago", and I am being "hypersensitive".

A cafe spokesman, who did not give her name, said the sign was not meant to be distasteful or offensive.



Bird of Paradise said...

I would rather have cake then grapefruit a hate grapefruit

Anonymous said...

Some people have no sense of propriety.

Stan B said...

How long is "long enough" to hold the community hostage to the tragedies of the past? Do we have to wait for everyone who is directly associated with the tragedy to die? Do we have to wait until the 3rd or 4th generation of those associated with the tragedy have died?

"Hogan's Heroes" mocked the Nazis and the horrific conditions suffered by Allied POWs, and did so while those former POWs were still alive and still in mainstream society - and yet the Greatest Generation did not rise up and condemn it. They laughed along with the rest of us because the got the jokes!

Now we have a Bakery Owner who refuses to be held hostage to something that happened in the past - there will always be "kidnappings," "murders," "human rights violations," etc in the past - and everyone is all butt-hurt about a non-specific reference to kidnappings.

Is kidnapping a serious subject, and maybe not the best advertising hook for a bakery? Yes. Is it up to the bakery owner to figure that out based on feedback? Yes. Is it up to EVERYONE to be offended because they HEARD of this one tragic case, and hold it out as THE reason to vilify all references to kidnapping? That's a bit of a stretch - but then, these people aren't really the "Greatest Generation" either...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Marie Antoinette - "Let them eat cake" !

Alpha Skua said...

Some people(Liberals)are all mouth and no mind cant do anything until they open their big fat piehole and shove their foot into it